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Why conversion copywriting? So you can

Stop whispering “Do I really know what I’m doing?” once and for all.

Stop wasting days in front of your Macbook. 

Stop tweaking this headline and that phrase. 

Stop doubting EVERY. SINGLE. WORD. 

Stop agonizing that your manager, your team, your CMO, your clients doubt you too. 

And stop worrying that the words you put on the page aren’t the right words to deliver the leads and sales your business needs to keep the lights on at the office and put food on your team’s tables. 

Here’s why:

With the know-how to conduct customer research with a copywriter’s lens, analyze buyer behavior and leverage persuasion mechanisms that trigger natural human instinct…

You can approach every asset you write like an expensive conversion copywriter. Who a world of talented team members desperately want to work with.

Here’s what top-earning copywriters and marketers are too busy to tell you:

They don’t write from scratch. 

They build on proven conversion copywriting strategies and techniques. To deliver record-breaking wins. Over and over again.

Without crossing their fingers. 

Without a marketing crystal ball. 

Without muttering a short prayer to their Google Doc. 

And without years spent paying their dues. 

You see, conversion copy is strategic. Data-driven. And highly methodical. So when you write conversion copy, you know exactly what to put on the page before you write a single word.

And it’s 👆 that knowing that breeds unshakeable confidence.

Consider Gin. Relatively new to copywriting, yet using conversion copywriting skills to travel an upward spiral of confidence:

“It’s wonderful having 10x Sales Pages as a resource in my back pocket at all times. 

It gives me a huge sense of confidence, considering I’m kind of relatively new to the business. I know that even if I can’t conjure something to my mind, 10x Sales Pages is there to stimulate my imagination and remind me how to do it. 

That confidence helps me on sales calls because

  1.  I have the knowledge and 
  2. 10x Sales Pages is always there in the background. I know I can go back and back up my thoughts whenever I need to. 

Each time I go back and recap, it’s like an upward spiral of confidence that keeps building.

It’s not just my confidence. Having done 10x Sales Pages also helps clients feel confident that I know what I’m doing

It’s like an extra arrow in my quiver. 

It helps show that I’m going to be able to help them and get them what they need to make their business thrive.”

Gin Walker,

Used: 10x Sales Pages

Or Rob, who was a “decent writer” but not a copywriter:

“Writing for me was outside of my job scope outside of writing video scripts ….(I’m a video/audio content type guy), and have always been told I was a good/decent writer (when the need arose)… but I was always making it up as I went along….it feels SO good to have some foundational knowledge, directionand now some burgeoning confidence to move forward with adding copywriting to my skillset.

Rob Young,

Used: 10x Emails

You see, with conversion copywriting, you can feel confident that the process you’re following can help you exceed the results your boss – or client – so desperately wants.

Like Jesse does for his clients

“Right after I finished 10x Sales Pages, I got a call from Spencer Haws from Niche Pursuits to write a course sales page for Organic Traffic Formula. 

In the first week, we exceeded our goals by about 21% for the sales page. His goal was to do $40,000 to a 1000-person list with a $600 course. We did $47,000 in the first week.” 

Jesse Gernigin,


Used: 10x Sales Pages

Or Marian did for Teachable:

“I 10xed my client’s investment (I helped Teachable make $500k using this sequence). I 10xed my hourly rate. (Seriously, I now charge $500 per email.)”

Marian Schembari,


Used: 10x Emails

Or Ryan did with Facebook Ads:

“I applied what I learned to a client course launch that hit over 40+ sales of their $997 product in a 10 day Facebook launch.

Ryan Cruz,


Used: 10x Facebook Ads

With the same guess-less process in your back pocket, you can swipe the strategies we use to deliver results, like:

And like the results our students deliver again and again and again:

“Over the course of a 5-day launch, my sales page did 1161 sales for a grand total of $228,717.”

Brad Wages,


Used: 10x Sales Pages

“One of our clients had a $100K + launch for a $47 product. Another is seeing a 22% conversion for a membership site. PLUS I’ve been able to streamline AND deepen my conversion copywriting process too.”

Prerna Malik,

Co-founder, Content Bistro

Used: 10x Emails, 10x Launches

“Our CTRs on our Facebook ads are VASTLY improved. Up to 5% CTR on initial with between 10 and 15% on re-targets. Email registrations have increased significantly. Sales are coming in.”

Austin F.

Course Creator

Used: 10x Facebook Ads

“I have launched three programs in the past, this was my 4th. I sold 52 spaces, grossed £47,500.

Suzy Ashworth,

Entrepreneur, Author, Keynote Speaker

Used: 10x Launches

“As of my cart close yesterday, I am 77% sold out for next summer. And I just earned $172,759 in 20 days. For a farmer, that’s freakin’ awesome.”

Corinna Bench,

Organic Vegetable Farmer

Used: 10x Emails, 10x Landing Pages

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