Opening Again Spring 2020
If you guessed…

… how life-changing your digital course, software or coaching program is.

You’d be wrong.

… how many upsells, downsells, tripwires, surveys, pixels and ninja stars you’ve managed to sprinkle across the world’s most “epic” funnel.

You’d be wrong.

… how many 5-figure checks you’ve anxiously signed off on for high-level consultants, coaches and masterminds to tell you WHAT to do but not how to do it.

You’d be wrong.

… how many late nights curled up in fetal, praying to all that’s good and pixely that your copy somehow converts.

You’d still be wrong.
Amy Porterfield photo

“Ry Schwartz has been my not-so-secret weapon for six years. He’s the copywriting genius behind five separate multi-million dollar sales pages for my digital course launches. In my early years, way before I could afford to hire Ry, I invested in learning how to craft my own copy. I knew that copy was the lifeblood of any business and when you know what to say and how to say it, you instantly connect with your audience. Copy creates connection and connection creates conversions. I learned that from Ry.”

— Amy porterfield

Because as every top-in-class marketer, copywriter or business owner will tell you… cash doesn’t change hands, lives don’t get impacted, and YOUR biz doesn’t get rewarded with record-breaking profits until… YOUR COPY CONVERTS.

Which is also…

The real reason copywriters and marketers drink.


Don’t let Don Draper’s fictional swag fool you.

Drinking is not an emphatic glass-clink to celebrate a job well done.

→ It’s to calm the PTSD from that last time you hit “share” on a Google doc with your client or the higher ups and prayed to the copy gods that it actually converts.

→ It’s to grapple with the existential crisis that comes from stress-eating Cliff bars on a Sunday night and toggling through Spotify playlists waiting for inspiration to strike.

→ It’s to feign the confidence that you actually know what you’re doing when you get assigned an email sequence or sales page - while on the inside you’re helplessly trying to pacify a pitchfork-wielding mob of inner voices. (Was that last win a fluke?... Can I do it again?... Am I a one hit wonder like those Macarena dudes?... Should I just quit while my reputation and ego are intact?)

Or if you’re a business owner…

→ It’s to soothe the shot nerves from the last time you had to patch together a 5-minute copy education from the blogosphere in order to whip up the landing page, sales page and sales emails that would actually get your product into the hands of customers.

So yea.. the pressure is real

Insta-Pot stuck on high, real.

Overtaxed adrenals with no amount of adaptogens that can fix it real.

And it’s justified.

Cause in reality, everything you do in your career and business depends on it.

business owner

Allow me to be blunt...

→ Without the copy, the lofty acquisition goals you whiteboarded for that SaaS you spent 19 months coding are just that. Goals.

→ Without the copy, your online course (aka the reason your friends and family barely recognize you anymore) doesn’t enroll a single student.

→ Without the copy, the cash you’re sending to Zucks to put you in front of a hyper-targeted audience does nothing but help him target another 50-acre estate off the Amalfi coast.

→ Without the copy, your “next level” funnel that you spent all of last quarter’s marketing budget on is nothing but a set of lines and empty boxes spread out across an overpriced flow chart.

The skeleton of a real-world marketing campaign.

The dead bones of a rotting digital carcass.

Without the beating heart, flesh and connective tissue that actually makes things MOVE.

The “STUFF” that actually makes the cash register ring.

In short, nothing happens until your copy converts.

Nothing changes until your copy consistently and predictably gets the “yes.” And gets it at scale.

And that’s why…

Writing High-Converting placeholder

Writing High-Converting Copy is the Single Most Profitable Skill You Will EVER Master in Your Business or Career

We’ve proven it over and over again.

In our businesses. In our clients' businesses. In our students' businesses.

When you master the ability to quickly and confidently write high-converting copy, you’re arming yourself and your company with an invaluable $1,000 per hour skill.

These wins didn’t come from months or years of learning and laboring.

They were earned in literally MINUTES or HOURS of knowing exactly what to do in order to generate dramatic “we be moving our biz into a 2,500 square foot loft with exposed brick” results.

This skill is literally priceless.

When you FINALLY have the confidence to turn your words into revenue, everything changes.

When you FINALLY have the ability to turn your Macbook Pro into a weapon of mass conversion, everything changes.

When you FINALLY have the Kanye-level confidence that comes from knowing what you’re doing rather than guessing and praying (aka the GAP method), you can hit “share” on that g- doc while sporting the world’s ugliest khakis and still feel like a million bucks. Hell, you can be “socks and sandals” guy and still strut out of the office at 5:01pm with your proverbial middle fingers in the air. #dontbethatguy


If you’re a marketer or business owner, this means:

→ Being able to login to Hubspot, ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp, etc. at 2:04 pm and celebrate new sales notifications in Stripe or Paypal at 2:15 pm.

→ Being able to bootstrap more effectively instead of trying to find a copywriter who either doesn’t know their value or is looking to take 2% equity on something that doesn’t exist yet.

→ Being able to capitalize on flash sales, new campaigns and, yes, the world’s most epic funnel - without worrying about how those “hungry empty boxes” will actually get fed.


If you’re an in-house or freelance copywriter, this means:

→ Proactively pursuing bigger projects instead of self-sabotaging out of your fear of not being able to deliver.

→ Being able to quote higher fees, negotiate a hefty raise or pushback on the pushback because you KNOW your copy makes you indispensable and invaluable.

→ Being able to pinpoint where a client is leaving money on the table, and swooping in to save the day with your skills - while cashing bigger checks in the process.

Sarah Jones

“Huge thank you! I did the Minimum Viable Funnel last month, and it really, really resonated. We enrolled 12 guys into our program, which was a record. Our biggest month before March was 7 enrollments, so we surpassed that by 71%!! Amazing. THANK YOU. Coaching the Conversion is 100% aligned with me, and it was the easiest thing I’ve ever implemented.

61 pages of copy just flew out with the themeplates, the passion, and the empathy you coached me to coach with.”

- Sarah Jones, Business Owner

Molly Mac

"Copy School gave me tools, templates, and processes that walked me step-by-step through how to develop my copy skills. Now I never have to start from a blank page again and I am completely confident in my copy because I know it’s based on data and experience, not guesses. And the results speak for themselves. My most recent email campaign had a 15% clickthrough rate and 3 times the expected signups.”

- Molly Mac, Copywriter

So if the rewards of this skill are so disproportionately high, why do most marketers (and some copywriters) treat copy like a close-talking lepper?

Simple. It’s kinda scary. Not kinda... A lot scary.

Double root canal without the laughing gas - SCARY.

Cause even though it’s the most profitable skill, it’s also the most subjective and confronting.

As you sit at your laptop with a Google Doc open, you wonder things like...

… Am I doing this right?

… Does this sound too salesy?

… Are these words gonna convert? Or am I wasting my time with something that’s already dead before I even hit send or publish?

There are apps that tell you what grade level your writing is at. There are plugins that will tell you if a word is spelled wrong. There are bots that will autocomplete a common sentence.

But there’s NO plugin, app or bot that will tell you if your copy is any good.

Only the market and your merchant account can tell you that. And rest assured, they will.

Every single time.

In cold hard numbers that don’t CARE how many Saturday nights you spent stress-eating cliff bars in front of a laptop. Or how much time and money you spent creating that thing you’re trying to sell.

That’s why it’s far safer to share a social post and pat yourself on the back for those 300 likes than it is to fire off a 300 word sales email and feel like a helpless hack as the Mailchimp monkey laughs at your whopping 1% CTR.

Confronting? Yep.

High stakes? Absolutely.

An unfair advantage to anyone courageous enough to master it? You already know the answer.

Simply put…

If you’re responsible for generating revenue inside your business or a client’s business - you’re responsible for gaining outcome-based mastery over this skill.

And damn right there’s a path for that.


The Proven 3-Step Path to Results-Based Mastery (and declaring yourself the Most Profitable Person in the Room)

step one

Step 1: Master the Places Where Cash Changes Hands

The reason most founders, copywriters and marketers give up in their pursuit towards mastery is because they’re literally trying to master everything.

Which is pure insanity.

Unlike Facebook Ads or SEO - which are barely old enough to order a cheap whiskey from a Canadian dive - copywriting has been around for over 120 freakin’ years.

The amount of techniques, philosophies, schools-of-thought and the places to apply them are nearly endless.

That’s why even seasoned copywriters never quite feel like they’ve “made it” or that they’re “good enough.” The goal posts for mastery are blurrier than a Jackson Pollock to those people in Bird Box.

So to that we say “screw it.” Don’t shoot for this elusive thing called “mastery.” Instead, develop results-based mastery over the key marketing funnel assets where cash changes hands.


1. Your Facebook and Instagram Ads (to turn strangers into traffic )
2. Your Landing Page (to turn traffic into leads)
3. Your Emails (to turn leads into primed prospects)
4. Your Sales Page (to turn primed prospects into customers)

Gain results-based mastery over these 4 cash-changing junctures, and you’ll NEVER have to worry about your ability to generate revenue in your business again. Or in your clients’ businesses again.

step two

Step 2: Need for Speed: Never start from scratch. Never second guess.

High-converting copy is meant to be written fast. Methodically fast.

It’s not a study game. It’s a speed game.

As a a founder, a marketer, business owner... or as a busy-ass copywriter who wants to serve all those clients fighting for your keyboard, you don’t have endless hours to labor over your Macbook while throwing back 18 Starbucks refills.

You don’t have time to play a poor man’s game of copywriting chicken with the blinking cursor.

Your CMO - your client - your employees - they can’t “wait” until you feel inspired enough to write the copy that keeps everyone, including the company’s Bernese mountain dog, fed.

And that’s actually an advantage for you. Because killer sales copy happens fast. Methodically fast. And that’s why the top-performing copywriters on the planet NEVER start from scratch - they start with the proven templates, frameworks and processes that churn out record-breaking copy in half the time it takes you to labor over that stuff that makes your stomach churn the second you hit “share.”

step three

Step 3: Recognize Copy as the Universal Blood Type of Your Marketing Campaign

You’re probably just as sick as we are of every marketing person on the planet professing their thing as “the most important thing” - SEO, CRO, funnels, high ticket services, ascension paths, inbound marketing, conversational marketing, etc.

Endless, right?

But the one thing they ALL HAVE IN COMMON is the requirement for high-converting copy.

Copy is the great unifier. It’s the O-Negative blood type that generously pumps its profit-generating power into EVERYTHING you’ll ever do in your marketing.

It was the “thing” in 1920. And it’ll still be the thing in 2020 and beyond.

When it comes to marketing, copy is an immortal Taoist sage who’s sipped from the fountain of youth and bottled that sh*t up for safekeeping.

You can blame it for being too humble. You can resist it. You can pretend it doesn’t exist or that it doesn’t matter. But with that attitude, it’ll likely outlast you and your business.

It’s time to let bygones be bygones and finally make peace with this most profitable skill.

And that means committing to actually mastering these key assets.

Not just being “blog smart” and name-dropping Ogilvy every chance you get. Not just learning the “101” stuff on Udemy.

But actually acquiring and applying the repeatable, evergreen skills and strategies that have helped create repeatable 6- and 7-figure wins for the brands, businesses and software programs you use everyday.

If you’re ready to do that… we’re initiating a brand new breed of copywriter and marketer:

The Most Profitable Person in the Room™ (noun)

Origin: Copy School 2019


A confident, well-paid copywriter, marketer or business owner who’s developed the skills to generate profits on demand by mastering the 4 key junctures where cash changes hands: ads, landing pages, emails and sales pages.

“Cool, but can you like... use that in a sentence?”

F-ya we can. Here’s what it means to be the “MPP”...

It means that…

… as a copywriter, you’ve de-commoditized yourself and set yourself up to charge A-list fees to A-list clients by mastering the critical junctures where cash changes hands.

… as a marketer or founder, you’ve given yourself and your team results-based mastery over needle-moving assets so that you can raise your in-house “profit quotient” and never be straight-jacketed in your ability to make good on those aggressive goals you set last quarter.

… as anyone directly responsible for generating revenue in your business, you’ve gained the confidence, clarity and processes for getting the “yes.” Getting it fast. And getting it at scale.


We’ve Helped Over 1,500 Copywriters, Growth Marketers and Business Owners Become
The Most Profitable Person in the Room

Suzanne Hamilton
The End of Guessing

“I called myself a copywriter before I enrolled in Copy School, but when Joanna shared her enormous amount of insights & practices - and Ry brilliantly took us through the process of converting readers to buyers - my copy became so much more effective and intentional.

After Copy School, I knew how to construct a strategic marketing plan for sales email sequence, I could explain the choices in copy I made in my copy - I wasn’t just sorta winging it anymore with my hodgepodge of collected knowledge. And with that came confidence, better clients, bigger results for clients, and more mon-ay in ma’ pocket!

I keep going back to the modules and videos inside - even a year later - there’s just SO much goodness inside. You can NOT go wrong with Jo and Ry - get ready for the WOW! (Or actually, don’t enroll - let me keep all their conversion secrets & tactics for myself.)”

- Suzanne Hamilton, Copywriter

Bayardo Barrios

"Copy School’s given me all the tools and the process necessary to write high performing copy for my clients that keeps them coming back for more. I don’t know a better program. Thanks to it, I’ve been able to confidently land $3,000 projects from the get-go."

- Bayardo Barrios

Gin Walker

“Copy School transformed my life. I wish that didn't sound so cliched, because it's 100% true. I'd been languishing as a writer and editor for years, eddying around in vague and largely unprofitable circles ... I knew there had to be some way to scoop up my skills and start making them truly work for my business.

Copy School showed me how to do that – big time! Like anyone, I battled with myself over the cost – it's way more than pin money after all...! But believe me, it was the BEST investment I could ever have made.

The sheer value inside Copy School is BREATHTAKING – hours of super-personal tutorial videos, workshops and webinars, titan templates, interviews, insights, and hundreds (thousands?!) of killer tips, cheatsheets and checklists

It's like Joanna and Ry emptied their entire heads into your brain, and arranged all their years of solid gold expertise on tiny, easy-access Skillz Shelves just for you!

Armed with Copy School confidence, I'm now revolutionizing my business in ways I could never have imagined. I have a brand new website, I'm already helping clients convert more prospects through deeply researched, targeted web and email copy – and I'm bloody loving it!!

Seriously, if you're even slightly on the fence about Copy School – just jump in. You will land in a World of Joy :) .”

- Gin Walker, Copywriter

Greg Hickman

“This program has helped me by providing a framework for every time I need to engage my prospects online. And the themeplates in 10x Launches convert like whoa!

- Greg Hickman, Founder of

Lauren Van Mullem

“I return to the course again and again, re-watching videos and re-reading lessons, just to brush up and sharpen my copy of the day. It’s that useful. You bring it with you into every word you write, and it makes those words better.”

- Lauren Van Mullem, Copywriter

Stephan Hovnaniann

“With every lesson, Joanna and her team passed along their experience and tactical details that can only come from a kind of master-level, Tibetan monk-slash-Mr-Miyagi. I want whoever is reading this to have that same experience, and come away with the same sense of empowerment that you can use words to accomplish more than you’ll ever imagine.”

- Stephan Hovnanian, Social strategy consultant at Bambu by Sprout Social

Mark Crosling

“I’ve done many online courses, but nothing compares with Copy School. No kidding. All the courses are stimulating, thought-provoking and totally resonate with me. Yes, Copy School is about copy and conversion copy, but weaved throughout are outstanding concepts of contemporary marketing and the psychology of the buyer. My writing has improved and I have more confidence in going deeper to hit those psychological trigger points.”

- Mark Crosling, Copywriter

the Most Profitable Person in the Room placeholder

Why There’s No Better Team To Help You Become the Most Profitable Person in the Room in 2019

Joanna’s the founder of Copyhackers and the creator of conversion copywriting. She’s written copy for the likes of Metalab, Shopify, QuickSprout, Crazy Egg, BT, Tesco, Buffer, Edgar and Wistia. And she’s been invited to teach conversion copy on 50+ international stages including INBOUND, Mozcon, Call to Action Conference, Jeff Walker’s PLF Event, Copyblogger, Problogger and ConversionXL Live.

The creator of the “coaching the conversion” method, Ry Schwartz has been the not-so-secret hired gun behind dozens of 6- and 7-figure product launches and evergreen funnels. He’s written for and/or consulted with top online businesses like Amy Porterfield, Todd Herman, London Real, Josh Shipp, Jasmine Starr and Dan Martell.

Together, Joanna and Ry have been featured guest trainers for:

Marie Forleo -- Amy Porterfield -- Teachable -- ConvertKit -- Leadpages -- Stripe Atlas -- Sprout Social -- Nathalie Lussier -- Deadline Funnel -- Thinkific -- HubSpot -- Podia

Amy Porterfield

“Ry Schwartz has been my not-so-secret weapon for six years. He’s the copywriting genius behind five separate multi-million dollar sales pages for my digital course launches. In my early years, way before I could afford to hire Ry, I invested in learning how to craft my own copy. I knew that copy was the lifeblood of any business and when you know what to say and how to say it, you instantly connect with your audience. Copy creates connection and connection creates conversions. I learned that from Ry.”

- Amy Porterfield, Creator of Digital Course Academy

Gin Walker

“Joanna’s trainings are incredible. Her techniques are genius in their simplicity. Her over-the-shoulder tutorials make absorbing the material both easy and fun. Even if you’re not a copywriter, you’ll be able to write with confidence and know it’s damn good.”

- Marie Forleo

If you’re ready to join an elite group of copywriters, marketers and founders as
The Most Profitable Person in the Room

here’s how we’ll get you there:


Copy School 2019
The Most Profitable Person in the Room™ Edition

The most insanely comprehensive, ROI-focused copywriting training on the planet, engineered to make EVERY critical part of your marketing funnel more profitable from Day 1.

Let’s get this out of the way. Copy School 2019 is not for the faint of heart. It’s a full spectrum master’s level training for anyone responsible for generating revenue inside a digital business in 2019 and beyond.

Within seconds of enrolling, you’ll get immediate, lifetime access to:

→ 5 complete copy training programs (each selling on their own for $1,000 - $2,000)
→ 150+ training videos
→ Dozens of proven templates, workbooks, checklists, bootcamps and over-the-shoulder tutorials.

All pooling together to give you results-based mastery over EVERY marketing asset that matters.

10x facebook ads big
10x facebook ads

We’re gonna kick things off with our brand new, fresh-for-2019 program: 10x Facebook Ads, featuring training on Instagram ads.

We’re gonna kick things off with our brand new, fresh-for-2019 program: 10x Facebook Ads, featuring training on Instagram ads.

In case you haven’t noticed, paid social traffic is getting more expensive, more rigorous and more competitive. You no longer have the luxury of winging it with subpar copy. (Unless you’re ok with subpar results. Or even having your account cancelled if your copy’s not FB-compliant.)

In 2019 and beyond, marketers will have to get better at creating multi-touchpoint experiences that deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time. And in this course, we’ll show you how to craft those messages.

After 10x Facebook Ads, you’ll write 10x better with…

→ The full-funnel mapping strategy that the pros use (and beginners wish they had)

→ A mix-and-match grab-bag of templates and frameworks that you can download and deploy for all parts of your funnel

→ Sneaky but above-board ninja tactics that will ensure you’ll always know the right thing to say to your target market to get more clicks, conversions and sales - no guessing here, m’kay?

→ How to spot and avoid the BIGGEST mistakes that will crush your conversions and tank your performance

→ The anatomy of a high-converting ad from the most important elements to the least important (this might stun you)

→ A checklist that you can use to evaluate whether your ad is likely to succeed or not (Hey, Zuckerberg. We see you. And we came to win.)

→ How to evaluate if your ads are even WORKING, and a simple, repeatable process for optimizing them if they are not

→How to be authentic in a sea full of big claims and growing cynicism from your audience

→ A cheat sheet of the ad metrics that matter, how to read them and what to do about them

→ Video ad templates and outlines that will make you say “Um. I can do this. Bring it on.”

→ How to write for high-risk verticals like health and business coaching so you can avoid getting shut down by the Facebook gods

→ What happens when you hand your ad copy over to your client or your ads manager (aka what should testing look like?)

→ Long copy vs short copy (Is there a definitive answer? We’ll find out)

→ A crash-course in targeting and retargeting and how it impacts your copy

→ The ONE thing required to make sure your ad performs - skip this and it’s over

Module 1

We’ll take you from having zero understanding of the role of Facebook and Instagram ads... to having a solid understanding of how ads should function in an integrated marketing campaign - and how to spot and map common ecosystems.

Module 2

We’ll cover the anatomy of Facebook and Instagram ads. You’ll learn the various ad placements available to you and when to use them (i.e., right hand rail ads can be super profitable if used the right way). After this module, it will become infinitely easier to talk to clients or your ads manager without getting tripped up.

Module 3

We’ll dive into ninja tricks that will make it super easy to find conversion-worthy messages - fast. This module alone is worth its weight in gold and is sure to help you produce WAY better click-through rates, relevance scores and costs to acquire.

Module 4

There’s a right way and a wrong way to organize all the conversion-getting intel you’ve just collected. In this module, we’ll introduce you to the messaging matrix that will show you how to map those messages to support and create a customer journey - the kind that could actually result in that “cha-ching!” we’re all looking to hear.

Module 5

Writing high-converting ad copy isn’t as hard as you think. In this module, you’ll get a grab bag of templates and frameworks that you can mix-and-match and deploy quickly. The result? You’ll be able to write click-worthy ads, in less time, by following proven frameworks. Hey, that’s what we do at Copyhackers, right?

Module 6

Images and video can make or break an ad. If done poorly, Zuckerberg will throttle your reach and drive up your costs. When done well, you can create an instant emotional connection. After this module, you’ll be able to find, choose and deploy images that will help support your hard work.

Module 7

Landing pages are often called the “big swinging door” because they can do a lot to capture traffic - or repel it. You’ll get a crash course in how to evaluate an effective landing page so that you can make sure that your ads have the best possible chance of performing.

Module 8

Some clients are more likely to succeed than others when it comes to Facebook ads. It’s essential that you’re able to spot clients who are more likely to be successful and avoid those that don’t have realistic expectations. The “red flags” sheet we’ll cover in this module will save you from any sticky situations. And if you’re a business owner who plans to run ads for yourself, this lesson will help set you up for success.

10x landing pages big
10x landing pages

Get instant access to 4 modules featuring 30+ HD training videos, each averaging 5 minutes in length (with transcripts). You’ll also get 10+ over-the-shoulder tutorials, a dozen worksheets and cheatsheets, recordings of our landing page clinics.

After 10x Landing Pages, you’ll write 10x better with:

→ The simple structure for instantly clearer copy

→ A weird science technique that gently forces a decision

→ An aha moment - why “message match” isn’t enough

→ The golden ratio to reduce bounce (Module 3)

→ The decades-old technique for closing visitors

→ Rules to identify the copy you can afford not to optimize

→ The often overlooked way to battle resistance (Module 1)

→ The immeasurably lucrative question to ask in a survey

→ How to start with a “spit draft”

→ The ultimate list of mind-reader shortcuts (Module 4)

→ 3 steps to follow for high-converting copy

→ The arguments for and against leading with pain

→ Techniques to turn UX tools into messaging machines

→ 2 questions your copy has to answer at each turn

→ The no-brainer method to write bullets like these

Module 1

We’ll do a meaningful reset on the pre-writing process. Just as a chef dedicates time to prep and uses recipes to create a masterpiece, you’ll establish a process, identify the barriers your copy is working against and zero in on an audience.

Module 2

The core of conversion copywriting lies in finding your message, not dreaming one up. We’ll go through the right questions to ask to tease the most useful answers out of voice-of-customer data - and where to go to ask those questions.

Module 3

By this module, you’ll clearly see what’s been getting in the way of you communicating an outstanding offer to your prospects - and you’ll be ready to begin writing your page. What goes where? How can you hook visitors? Find out.

Module 4

Let’s edit in the awesome! This is where most people start their copywriting journey - but you’ll actually be ready for the “bag of tricks” inside Module Four by this point in the training. Easily optimize every line of copy you put on the page.

Prerna Malik

“10x Landing Pages has helped me craft ridiculously high-converting sales pages for my clients and here's the best part... I know exactly why I put a word on a page and can explain that to my clients so not only do they love the copy they know why it's converting too!

It's no secret... Copy School has been THE best investment I've made in my business, both as an online marketer AND a copywriter.”

- Prerna Malik, Copy chief and agency founder

Tarzan Kay

“Just wrapped up my very first campaign for a super competitive affiliate launch. Using the strategies and templates from both 10x Emails and 10x Landing Pages, I was able to hit over $15K in revenue! These programs are making money for me over and over again.”

- Tarzan Kay, Copywriter and affiliate marketer

Laura Lopuch

“Just got off a call with a prospective client for a webinar sequence of landing page + email campaigns. I walked her thru A) conversion copywriting process and B) the concept of coaching the conversion. Pitched an at-the-high-end-for-me price… and because that’s *exactly* what she wants (especially the coaching the conversion part)... she said yes. Without blinking.

Huge high fives to Joanna and Ry for their badass teaching in Copy School! And setting me up for a sweet dunk! PS: To all y’all new Copy School members: this stuff works. Best part: it’s what your potential clients + your biz needs.”

- Laura Lopuch, Copywriter

10x emails
10x emails

You’ll get instant access to 4 modules featuring 20+ HD training videos, each averaging 5 minutes in length (with transcripts). You’ll also get a dozen over-the-shoulder tutorials, worksheets and cheatsheets.

PLUS! More than 12 hours of workshop recordings and materials for sales and SaaS emails - and loads of email templates.

After 10x Emails, you’ll write 10x better with:

→ A classic rule to keep the skeeze out of your sales emails

→ The 3-part anticipation-building sequence (Module 2)

→ The essential method to target like a pro

→ How to plot a drip campaign

→ Why comic book writers make great copywriters

→ How to plot a SaaS onboarder (Module 1)

→ The 5C’s of welcome emails, complete with a template

→“Bag o’ emails”

→ The reason your stories are boring - and how to fix them

→ What fashionistas know about energetic copy

→ The thing you’re actually selling when it’s time to close

→ When to use urgency

→ The exact tools to boost conversions inside your emails

→ The right lead magnet - and how to make it sound better

→ When to use scarcity

Module 1

If you’ve questioned whether you should use email to sell, this first module will tell you exactly why you should - but, importantly, how to do it the right way. Discover how to plan and plot your emails to nurture and coach each yes.

Module 2

Time to write - but where to start? Module Two features 10 super-tactical lessons on writing subject lines, writing body copy, getting specific, telling stories and using your voice (or someone else’s). Plus, over-the-shoulder tutorials.

Module 3

In this module, email copywriting gets exciting. You’ve conquered the foundational stuff - and now you can apply 10x copywriting techniques, like the CPTS Technique and the Superman Principle.

Module 4

Email optimization: Why do your open rates suck? How come those sales emails aren’t selling? What should you be testing? And what are the biggest mistakes even the CRO pros make?

Larry Yap

"I love 10x Emails. I got a huge boost in confidence from learning about how a campaign is structured, not just the copywriting bits.

Signed up a client pretty much directly because of how much confidence I emanate from knowing I could handle it. The sales email bootcamp excel sheet is amazing and asks the right questions for me to put the writing task into perspective.

When asked to recommend email copywriting courses, 10x Emails is an easy one to justify."

- Larry Yap, Copywriter

Corinna Bench

“Every year at the same time, I try to get my subscribers to renew for next season. Historically, I would get 30-45% of them to renew, and I would spend all winter stressing.
This year, I resolved to try your strategies. After binge-watching 10x Emails, I have been absolutely stunned by the results. As of my cart close yesterday, I am 77% sold out for next summer. I’m now assured an income through our non-farming months of January-May.”

- Corinna Bench, Entrepreneur and farmer

Roland Fisher

“10x Emails has made me enough money to pay for Copy School and I've not even finished it yet.”

- Roland Fisher, Entrepreneur

10x launches
10x launches

You’ll get instant access to 7 modules that will transform you into a launch machine - whether you’re involved in product launches or optimizing your evergreen sales funnels.

The first 2 modules introduce you to a copywriting methodology based not in selling but in coaching conversions. The remaining 5 modules cover copywriting for every single phase of a launch or funnel.
PLUS! Get 20+ email “themeplates” complete with detailed walk-throughs of how to use them over and over again, without wearing them out.

After 10x Launches, you’ll coach conversions 10x better with:

→ The 5 core subsequences your funnel needs

→ What it really means when you get an opt-in

→ How to ditch the sleazy hard sell

→ The sixth stage of awareness

→ The F.R.E.U.D. method your emails are missing

→ How to uncover the Moment of Highest Tension

→ Why you should whip through writing launch emails

→ A “direct response facelift” (Module 2)

→ How to coach through 7 Buyer Milestones

→ An incredible 47 Golden Questions workbook

→ What’s broken with velvet-rope strategies

→ Open loops vs consistency loops - which one now?

→ The Aladdin Themeplate

→ The Calm Before the Storm Themeplate

→ Engineering sales during the mid-point launch slump

→ Why old-school “closer” rules tank conversions today

→ When to use scarcity

Module 1

We start by introducing the concept of Coaching the Conversion. Discover what it means to leverage subtle precursors that ethically lead people to say yes to your offer. (It sounds fancy. It’s actually straightforward once you know it.)

Module 2

You’ve heard that avatars can help you write copy that converts - and what you learn in Module Two will reveal why an avatar that works once doesn’t work the next time. What’s going on, and how can you adapt to keep conversions high?

Module 3

When someone first signs up, are you missing a key opportunity to shape your entire journey with them? See how to use the critical opt-in phase of your funnel to get even your most jaded prospects pumped to move forward with you.

Module 4

It’s pre-launch time! See how to generate aha moments, what to write in your pre-launch sequence and how to keep momentum going. Includes 2 go-to email themeplates for pre-launch.

Module 5

The most intensive of the modules in 10x Launches, this one’s dedicated to the launch itself. Fix big mistakes your own excitement has caused you to make. See how to use bonuses to surge your sales. And get more themeplates!

Module 6

Master sales copywriting throughout your funnel in Module Six. What’s broken in your sales sequence? Should you use urgency now or later? When do you close loops? And how can you get your prospect to convince herself?

Module 7

The close! Most sales in a launch happen on the last day of the launch - but the techniques you’ll learn here can squeeze even more sales out of your close. The highlight? Five proven themeplates for the last 48 hours of your launch.

Marc Angelo

“I have never seen anything like it. Ry’s ability to truly capture the essence of my mission as well as help me build sales pages and email sequences that have open rates and conversion numbers I have never seen before. I’ve been in online marketing for over a decade and I wouldn’t dare do a launch without consulting Ry and his genius email marketing methods…

Leveraging the frameworks and themeplates in 10x Launches, he took my online business from being just above break even to doing 5 figure mini launches every 2 weeks!

I beyond recommend taking the time to learn from a true master.”

- Marc Angelo Coppola,
Founder and CEO, Superhero Academy & Freedom Culture

Chris Evans

"I've worked with Ryan on numerous successful launches and his ability to write email copy that gets someone to buy is second to none. You would be crazy not to grab anything he puts out on the subject."

- Chris Evans, Co-Founder, Traffic & Funnels

Kelsey Kaufman

"I always struggled to make my launch emails do all the things they needed to do. I wanted to get the word out and encourage people to purchase our courses, but I also didn't want to sound (or feel) like a sleazy marketer or drive people crazy.

Not only did Ry make the process streamlined and fun for me (I always used to dread writing these things,) but his immense well of empathy makes him the absolute BEST collaborator. On top of that, he helped me to find my voice - now I'm proud of the emails we send out leading up to a launch because students love them.

I actually get thank you notes from my list when I send out an email I've worked on with Ryan. "That's exactly what I needed to hear!" or "This is exactly what I'm going through - thank you so much!"

Ry is THE BEST. I am WAY more confident about my copy, and serve many more students as a direct result of working with him."

- Kelsey Kaufman, Owner, Green Tea Productions

10x sales pages
10x sales pages

Finally we’ll wrap things up with the TWO-track magnum opus of the Copy School suite. We’re talking about 10x sales Pages.

In Track 1, you’ll get instant access to 5 modules, featuring, 30+ HD training videos, each averaging 7 minutes in length (with transcripts). This includes 19 over-the-shoulder tutorials plus downloadable worksheets and cheat sheets, exercises, examples and a sales page jumpstart template.

In modules 1 and 2, we’ll build the foundation of your highest-converting sales page. You’ll zero in on your best potential customer, optimize your offer for irresistibility and start molding the Big Idea that’ll pull people into your sales page and down to the buy button.

In modules 3 and 4, we’ll DO. THE. WORK. Joanna’s recorded 19 over-the-shoulder videos to walk you step by step through how she writes 6-figure sales pages. Learn how she uses “voice of customer” research methods to write words that convert into cash.

In module 5, you’ll find all the downloadable worksheets and cheat sheets, exercises, and a sales page jumpstart template to help you apply what you’ve learned.

10 Lessons from Track 1 that’ll help you write 10x better sales pages:

→ The 4-part foundation that helps you engineer your highest-converting sales page before you write a single word

→ The “voice of customer” research techniques that write 80% of your sales page for you

→ The drag-and-drop method for sorting, tagging and organizing your research, so you can speed up your writing and keep your research data in one central location

→ The most unexpected offer-optimization levers that ramp up the desire factor for whatever you’re selling

→ The 3 criteria for molding a Big Idea that pulls people into your sales page and down to the buy button

→ The PAS-on-Steroids framework that jumpstarts your first draft and eradicates “blank screen syndrome”

→ The “Glee Club” approach of long copywriting that convinces your prospect to believe you, to like you, and to choose you

→ The easiest section to jump in and start writing so that you avoid sales page paralysis

→ The often overlooked, ordinary word (it starts with “B”) that makes your prospect feel all comfy, logical and more open to buying from you

→ Joanna’s favorite plug-and-play template for long-form sales pages that you can load into Photoshop and customize right away

In Track 2, Ry shows you how to write a conversion-exploding sales page by “coaching” prospects into the perfect buyer.

You’ll get instant access to 7 modules, featuring, 30+ HD training videos, each averaging 10 minutes in length (with transcripts). You’ll also get downloadable workbooks, exercises and examples from various industries and niches.

In modules 1 and 2, you’ll learn how to “coach the conversion” by leveraging subtle precursors that ethically lead people to say yes to your offer. Here’s where you’ll first meet the 15-Point Sales Page in a Day Template, a step-by-step process that helps you knock out that sales page in a matter of days.

You’ll also work through a host of exercises, like the “Million Dollar Bet,” the “Perfect Testimonial” and the “67 Golden Questions” to get inside the heads of your best prospects.

In module 3 through 6, Ry walks you through each section of the 15-Point Sales Page in a Day Template in ultra-detail, from the pre-headline qualifier to a secret stack of dangerously effective bonus closes, showing you what, why and how to write each one.
In module 7, you’ll find all the downloadable workbooks, exercises, example packs and a full sales page example, so you can easily apply what you’ve learned.

10 Lessons from Track 1 that’ll help you write 10x better sales pages:

→ The 15-Point Sales Page in a Day Template that will have you confidently nailing the most intimidating part of any sales funnel in a matter of days

→ The “Starbucks Test” for knowing exactly how long your sales page needs to be

→ The “Coach-Mining” Method that shows you how to use enrollment conversations, product demos and sales calls to extract the rich insights that you can use to “coach the conversion” at scale

→ The 67 Golden Questions to Fuel Your Funnel Workbook that will make sure you know exactly who you’re marketing to — and how to best market to them — before you write a single word

→ The biggest conversion sin marketers and copywriters make when writing about “desire”… and how to use a combination of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and the Shawshank Redemption to fix it

→ The “Moment of Highest Tension” that lights a fire in your prospect and motivates them to take immediate action

→ The hidden persuasion trigger that reinvigorates your most disillusioned prospects and gets them excited about taking action again

→ The “Golden Guarantee” that not only reverses risk for your prospect… but unlocks the energy, excitement and resourcefulness needed for them to move forward

→ The “Final Confident Appeal” that gives your prospect “borrowed courage” to make a decision in the critical closing paragraphs

→ The Risk Mitigator Close that dials up the “natural urgency” in your prospect without relying solely on countdown timers or disappearing bonuses

Brad Wages

“I’ve written just one sales letter using 10X Sales Pages, but it was a huge success. Over the course of a 5-day launch, my sales page did 1161 sales for a grand total of $228,717.”

- Brad Wages,

Katie Thies

“Before I watched 10x Sales Pages, sales pages felt like these big mystical things I knew all the top copywriters were doing (and making a lot of money doing) and I knew I wanted into the club… but I had no idea how.

After I watched the training, sales pages were totally demystified and attainable. They were no longer out of reach. Plus, they were a huge new source of potential income.

In fact, I reviewed a sales page for a dream client using everything I learned from the course. It was someone I had never met before but desperately wanted to work with. They were so impressed that they asked me to get on the phone with them so we could discuss a project.

I would never have even made it onto their radar if it weren’t for that review I did using 10x Sales Pages.”

- Katie Thies,

Gin Walker

“It’s wonderful having 10x Sales Pages as a resource in my back pocket at all times.
It gives me a huge sense of confidence, considering I’m kind of relatively new to the business. I know that even if I can’t conjure something to my mind, 10x Sales Pages is there to stimulate my imagination and remind me how to do it.

That confidence helps me on sales calls because 1.) I have the knowledge and 2.) 10x Sales Pages is always there in the background. I know I can go back and back up my thoughts whenever I need to. Each time I go back and recap, it’s like an upward spiral of confidence that keeps building.
It’s not just my confidence. Having done 10x Sales Pages also helps clients feel confident that I know what I’m doing.

It’s like an extra arrow in my quiver.
It helps show that I’m going to be able to help them and get them what they need to make their business thrive.”

- Gin Walker,

Leisa Peterson

“I used 10x Sales Pages to help me create a sales page and webinar for a program I’ve been offering for nearly 2 years. I knew that the only thing keeping me from reaching more people was how I was selling it.

10x Sales Pages track 2 is absolutely phenomenal and I feel so empowered after spending the past week doing all the exercises and creating the sales page and the webinar.

This Friday I’m presenting the new material to over 100 people. And even though I’ve presented the program to 1000s in the past, NOTHING compares to what just happened in the transformation of my message as a result of this training.

I’ve thrown myself wholeheartedly into this training, and even though I’m not a copywriter, this is has been life-changing. I’m so excited to see what happens next!”

- Leisa Peterson, Business Owner & Coach

Patti Haus

“I charge 2.5x more for a sales page than I did when I first started the course.

I’m just more confident in the work I’m producing. I don’t feel like I’m just throwing something together because I’m using a methodology that has worked in the past for other people.

My clients are happy. I know I’m getting results for them. What I’m doing has a big impact on their business.

Actually, one of the clients I did a sales page for was so impressed she hired me for more projects. It started off as just a sales page and I think we’re on the 5th project now.”

- Patti Haus,

Chanti Zak

“My confidence comes from following the framework step by step. I know Ry and Joanna’s stuff works. It’s been used in successful, profitable campaigns in the past. And those are the examples being shared. That matters.

Having a proven process and understanding the psychology behind why we do certain things, everything from the introduction to the lead and the guarantee, plus all of these little sections that in the past were pretty easy to just skim over. But now I can come at them from a much more strategic place.

I followed their process so closely, to the point that if it didn’t convert, I’d question the offer, not the copy. I just love 10x Sales Pages. I’m so happy to have it as a resource.

I’m not only using it with clients but also for own programs and products. Right now, I’m writing a sales page for my quiz program, and I’m definitely using everything that Ry teaches.”

- Chanti Zak,

Suzanne Hamilton

“The sales page I wrote using 10x Sales Pages went live. My client loved it – and her partner told me she’s super fussy about her copy. She didn’t change one thing! I’m getting there…”

- Suzanne Hamilton,

Seyda Koncuk

“How you have blended the psychology, marketing and passion into this training is priceless, inspiring and empowering. Thank you for preparing this course. I practically get goosebumps as I think about the possibilities. Thank you.”

- Seyda Koncuk

Take 60 Days to Learn. Test. Profit.

The best part about Copy School is that you don’t have to wait months or years before kinda, maybe, sorta seeing a result.

Running FB or Instagram Ads? See if you can use the strategies and templates inside 10x Facebook ads to boost your relevancy score and reach more targeted prospects while lowering your cost to acquire new customers.

Got an email to write? Use 10x Emails or 10x Launches and fire off one of 30+ proven templates later this afternoon and see if you can make Copy School pay for itself with a single email send.

Got an underperforming landing page or sales page? You get the idea.

As long as you’re currently in the marketing trenches, chances are you’ll have DOZENS of opportunities over the next two months to 2x, 5x or 10x your ROI inside Copy School.

And if for whatever reason you don’t feel like you’re any closer to writing winning copy across every major stage of your funnel, simply send us an email to within 60 days and we’ll send back every dollar.

When you enroll TODAY, here’s what you’ll be diving into within minutes:

→ 10x Sales Pages (Value: $2,000)
→ 10x Emails (Value: $1,000)
→ 10x Launches (Value: $1,000)
→ 10x Landing Pages (Value: $1,000)
→ 10x Facebook & Instagram Ads (Value $1,000)

When you add it all up, that’s a total, real world value of $6,000.

But because we’re SO excited to help you become the most profitable person in the room, you can enroll in Copy School for just…

12 monthly Payments of
Get On The Waitlist
a one-time payment of
Get On The Waitlist
secure checkout

Things you’d be smart to ask before grabbing your credentials on the next page:

1. I’m new to this copy thing. Is Copy School gonna be too advanced?

This isn’t the generic, regurgitated, underwhelming “101” stuff tucked inside of Module 3 of that weird “content” course you never finished.

The concepts you’ll apply and start to profit from across all 5 programs are intermediate to advanced - and for the most part, not taught anywhere else.

That said, everything in Copy School is simple to learn and easy to execute. Clear instructions - never too short, never too long - with everything templatized to make them as execution friendly as possible.

We’ve trained A-list copywriters and marketers like Jack Born, Tarzan Kay, Prerna Malik, Marian Schembari, Tara Gentile… as well as folks who’d never even think to call themselves a copywriter - like Corinna Bench, an organic vegetable farmer who used the lessons inside Copy School to sell $172,000 worth of subscription baskets in 20 days.

No matter your starting point, Copy School will help you execute advanced copywriting and marketing strategies with the confidence of a seasoned pro in a matter of weeks.

2. I’m notorious for not finishing courses. This one seems hella big. How can I be sure that this time will be different?

You’re right. Copy School is ridiculously comprehensive. Almost “too” comprehensive if there’s such a thing. It’s essentially an entire masters-level program behind a single login.

But here’s what you’ll love: You don’t need to finish Copy School to profit from it. Not even close.

It’s not a cumulative program that demands an unreasonable amount of time and consistency to get a result. You can watch a single lesson in 10x Launches, for example, then go write an email with it. Some of our biggest success stories generated their 5x, 10x, 20x wins with just a single module of one course - that is, with just a small fraction of what will be at your disposal on the other side of this page.

That said, we DO encourage our students to go through the entire program (at your own pace). Whether you’re a copywriter or digital marketer, the rewards of having results-based mastery over your ads, landing pages, emails and sales pages are just too high to pass up.

3. Will these programs be around later?

Most definitely.

Every one of the 5 programs inside Copy School (10x Facebook Ads, 10x Landing Pages, 10x Emails, 10x Sales Pages and 10x Launches) will be available year round for purchase.

That said, four of those programs sell for $997 each. And 10x Sales Pages sells for $1997.

By enrolling in Copy School 2019, you’re literally getting close to $6,000 worth of programs for a fraction of the cost - for nearly 60% off.

4. I only really need one or two of these programs right now. Do I need to buy the whole package?

We won’t stop you from buying just one. We simply advise against it.

10x Sales Pages sells on its own for $2,000 with the other four clocking in at $1,000… so there’s extremely little upside in buying your courses a la carte.

But more importantly… it’s hard to imagine a scenario where you’d only benefit from one program and not the other four. As you’ve seen, they each teach ONE major piece of a modern day marketing funnel.

If you’re a freelance copywriter, it’s near-impossible to lockdown A-list clients if you refuse to write all the major assets they need. When they need a sales page but you’ve only taken email training, then what?

If you’re in-house, good luck telling your boss that you only write ads or emails or landing pages.

If you’re at an agency, imagine sitting across the table from a client and saying, “Yeah no um I totally love the funnel strategy but we’re gonna need to hire, like, three more copywriting specialists to get that done. I only do ads.”

If you’re a marketer or founder… you can definitely get your ROI with just a few email sends or landing page optimizations. But why would you stop there... when your revenue growth depends on getting major uplifts across your entire funnel?

So even if your main interest is in a single program, we’d be doing you a major disservice if we didn’t arm you with the other programs that you’ll eventually be VERY happy to have at your disposal. Especially with these once-a-year savings.

5. Can’t I just learn this stuff for free from blogs and free courses?

Highly doubtful. Most blogs teach the “101” stuff from people who guessed, got lucky and decided to write a blog post about their one experience, as if it will apply universally.

The material inside Copy School literally can’t be found anywhere else. Why? Well… we created it. You’ll find countless invaluable frameworks, templates and processes that were created by us while working with a huge range of clients like Wistia, Canva, Neil Patel, Amy Porterfield, Todd Herman - and so many others. We didn’t try X once, see it perform decently and turn it into training. We tried X multiple times, for multiple audiences, and multiple products, and multiple offers.

And we’re not holding back either. You’re getting direct, unfiltered access to the exact stuff we’re using right NOW to create game-changing uplifts and launch results for these top businesses in 2019 and beyond.

Not a reverse-engineering of some direct mail piece that “pulled like gangbusters” when attention spans were 19 minutes long and radio ads were all the rage.

When it comes to mastering the modern day marketing assets with unique processes, insights and templates, Copy School is the only program we know of that will get you there.

6. Will I have to wait before getting access to any of my material?

Hell no. Our main goal is for Copy School to give you the highest possible ROI right out of the gate. Ideally within hours or days.

That means, you’ll get FULL access to all 5 programs the second you wrap up your enrollment on the next page.

Meaning, you’re just minutes away from diving into the part of Copy School that you need most for generating an ROI. No waiting. No slow-drip BS. No secretly masked “we’re afraid you’re gonna binge-watch all our stuff and then ask for a refund” BS. You will love Copy School. You will not want a refund. So you can watch, learn from and use it all upfront.

As long as you’re committed to being the most profitable person in the room, we’re committed to pulling out all the stops to get you there. It’s a basic agreement. And it works year after year.

7. Can you remind me of the guarantee?

Sixty days to get a full refund. BTW, 60 days is DOUBLE the time you get for those cumulative programs that put you on a slow-drip and expect you to some-freakin-how make an informed decision within the refund period.

Instead, we’re giving you TWO MONTHS to learn, test and profit BEFORE making a final decision.

We’re Canadian. We hate to brag. We’re almost humble to a fault. But experience tells us that you’re far more likely to email us with your wins than you are a refund request.

That said, if you put in an honest effort and it’s really not clicking for you, we’ll refund your FULL investment so that you can re-invest it in whatever your Plan B is for getting winning copy across your entire funnel.

8. Sounds like a TON of stuff... Can you quickly remind me of EVERYTHING I’m getting inside Copy School?

When you enroll TODAY, here’s what you’ll be diving into within minutes:

→ 10x Sales Pages (Value: $2,000)
→ 10x Emails (Value: $1,000)
→ 10x Launches (Value: $1,000)
→ 10x Landing Pages (Value: $1,000)
→ 10x Facebook & Instagram Ads (Value $1,000)

When you add it all up, that’s a total, real world value of $6,000.

But because we’re SO excited to help you become the most profitable person in the room, you can enroll in Copy School for just…

12 monthly Payments of
Get On The Waitlist
a one-time payment of
Get On The Waitlist
secure checkout

Forget “Is this right for you?” I mean… what does that even mean?

You’re ready to let us help you DOUBLE your ROI in Copy School by the end of next quarter if you can say “f-ya” to at least 6 of the following...

1. You’re a seasoned copywriter - freelance or in-house (aka the most profitable person in the room) who wants to hit the next level in your career by serving up winning copy in the places where cash changes hands (ads, landing pages, emails, sales pages)... while doing it faster, with more confidence and less stress-eating of Lara bars than ever before.

2. You’re a fairly new copywriter and want the speedpass to acquiring the deadly skills that vault you to the top of the proverbial A-list. You don’t want to spend years “paying your dues” by writing old misogynistic ads out by hand. Or working on stuff like catalogue copy or press releases or stuff that went out of style the same year Third Rock from the Sun got cancelled. You want to get paid today by mastering what top clients actually pay for today. You’re not a commodity fighting for $5 blog post gigs on Upwork. You’re Matrix-era Keanu Reeves with a keyboard. A hired gun problem-solver that brings RESULTS to any client smart enough to pay your quote in full.

3. You’re a founder, business owner, online entrepreneur or digital marketer who’s actively launching courses, selling software, running affiliate campaigns or selling ANY other product or service… and using email, landing pages and [in-need-of-help] sales pages to do it. Things are OK but you know they can be better. You want to empower yourself and your team to achieve that “better” instead of letting another quarter slip by while sipping from a crappy done-is-better-than-perfect mug.

4. You’re already in the game - running ads, sending traffic to landing pages that may or may not be turning said traffic into subscribers. Sending subscribers into sales campaigns, launches and funnels that may or may not be converting them into customers. You recognize that adding just a few sales email templates (from 10x Launches) or rewriting a landing page or long form sales page (with the help of 10x Landing Pages and 10x Sales Pages) can result in clink-worthy uplifts within minutes of writing them. This excites you. Maybe a little too much. Which is cool.

5. You want to gain results-driven mastery over the places that matter (without wasting time on the areas that don’t). Because… well… you live in the real world. In 2019. With all its unceasing pressures and demands. Maybe one day you’ll go back to “learning for the sake of learning” and quoting peeps like Caples, Ogilvy and Uncle Gene for the sheer fun of it... but right now, you’d much rather play a game of “writing for the sake of profiting.” It’s a fun game. We think you’ll dig it.

6. You can pass the “Trello Test.” In other words, check your Trello, Asana or whatever else you use to track your projects and to-dos. If the phrases “facebook ad,” “landing page,” “emails,” or “sales page” appears at least ONCE, use the appropriate section in Copy School to confidently write, edit or optimize that asset. And see how quickly those “same day” uplifts could cover you enrollment in the ENTIRE program.

7. You can pass the “Software Stack Test.” Take an inventory of your software stack. Do you have landing page builders? (Clickfunnels, Leadpages, Unbounce, Thrive, Karta, OptimizePress, etc.) What about email software? (ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp, Aweber, Infusionsoft, Marketo, Pardot, Hubspot, etc.) If so, these SaaS programs have Costco-sized appetites for the type of copy you’ll learn how to serve up with greater speed and confidence inside Copy School. Without the copy, they’re literally just tools. If you’re currently locked into annual plans of any of the above and feeling like “geez, I don’t think I’m getting as much out of this as I think I can”... it’s time to fix that with Copy School.

8. You don’t want more sh*t to learn. You want things to execute and profit from. Truth is, most students won’t finish every single lesson in Copy School. Only the most hardcore copy geeks amongst us will go through every one of the 100+ videos and dozens of hours of training, worksheets and templates between all 5 programs. If you want complete MASTERY (aka top 1% in the world at this stuff)... then be our guest. We’ll cheer you on every step of the way. But if you want to play a game of “holy crap… I got a 10x ROI from literally 1% of this content”... then Copy School is the only place I know of to play that game. And as such…

9. You’re willing to test things out for 60 days to see just how big of an ROI you can get: Meaning, if you watch the most relevant lessons, execute the most relevant templates and frameworks yet still don’t experience clear measurable wins (aka more profit)... then let us know within 60 days and we’ll hit “undo” on this whole “let’s make you the most profitable person in the room” experiment. We’ll be super Canadian about it too. No awkward arm-twisting. Or hoop jumping. Or Justin Bieber karaoke-ing. We’ll thank you for trying and send you on your way.

When you enroll TODAY, here’s what you’ll be diving into within minutes:

→ 10x Sales Pages (Value: $2,000)
→ 10x Emails (Value: $1,000)
→ 10x Launches (Value: $1,000)
→ 10x Landing Pages (Value: $1,000)
→ 10x Facebook & Instagram Ads (Value $1,000)

When you add it all up, that’s a total, real world value of $6,000.

But because we’re SO excited to help you become the most profitable person in the room, you can enroll in Copy School for just…

12 monthly Payments of
Get On The Waitlist
a one-time payment of
Get On The Waitlist
secure checkout

Remember, nothing changes until the copy converts… but EVERYTHING changes once it does

Simply put, your ability to confidently and consistently produce high-converting copy across the 4 key areas of your funnel is the key enabler of everything you’ll accomplish inside your business in 2019 and beyond.

This is life-changing work.

This is legacy-building work.

And whether you’re a marketer, business owner, or a copywriter… let’s partner to make this the year you finally become the most profitable person in the room.

As they say…

Hat tip, whiskey clink, and we’ll see you on the inside.


12 monthly Payments of
Get On The Waitlist
a one-time payment of
Get On The Waitlist
secure checkout