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The most successful conversion copywriters know that what ends up on the page is the final step of

The conversion copywriting process.

The conversion copywriting process.

Together, these steps create the iterative conversion copywriting process, where every move you make drives – and then optimizes – results.

Let’s begin with research and discovery:

Research is the biggest part of the work.

If it isn’t, you’re probably doing the work wrong.

👆 A tough pill to swallow, but true.

Here’s why:

Winning messages don’t live in your mind. Or any marketer’s mind for that matter.

So before you write a word, you need to find the messages your reader most want – and need – to hear so they can confidently hop off the fence they’ve been oh-so-quietly sitting on.

To do that, you can:

By the end of research and discovery, you’ll discover what to say and the order in which you need to say it. So you can turn visitors into leads… and leads into customers.

Next is writing, wireframing and editing:

These are the big steps you take to turn ev-er-y-thing you learned during research and discovery into a cohesive conversion plan and put it on the page. 

We can break this work down even further into micro-steps, like:

The end result: 

Copy you can confidently share with your team – or client – because there’s a ‘why’ behind every word you write.

Finally, we have validation and experimentation:

This is the step where you take what you’ve written and validate it, using methods like:

So you can answer critical questions, like:

Are my messages sticky?

Is my headline clear?

Will my CTA actually get the click?

Everything you do in this step should lead you to one outcome:


Learn so you can spot poor-performing – or unclear – copy before it goes live.

Learn so you can present your work to the CMO with complete confidence that what you have on the page is engineered to convert real live people.

Learn so you can confidently click “Publish” or “Send” – without wondering if today will be the day when you’ll be exposed as a fraud who has absolutely no idea what they’re doing and guesses their way through work. 


We don’t need guesswork.”

The conversion copywriting process can help you confidently tackle every asset you write. And know it’s engineered to deliver results. 

Without guessing. 

And without wasting hours staring blankly at a Google Doc.

Let’s begin with this boost in confidence:

“Writing for me was outside of my job scope outside of writing video scripts ….(I’m a video/audio content type guy), and have always been told I was a good/decent writer (when the need arose)… but I was always making it up as I went along….it feels SO good to have some foundational knowledge, directionand now some burgeoning confidence to move forward with adding copywriting to my skillset.

Rob Young,

Used: 10x Emails

Here’s the thing:

You don’t need to be a pro copywriter to gain confidence from the conversion copywriting process. Not even close.

You can find confidence in the conversion copywriting process…

  • Even if you’ve never written a word of copy before.
  • Even if copywriting isn’t your primary job. 
  • Even if you’re relatively new to the business.

Like Gin:

“It’s wonderful having 10x Sales Pages as a resource in my back pocket at all times. 

It gives me a huge sense of confidence, considering I’m kind of relatively new to the business. I know that even if I can’t conjure something to my mind, 10x Sales Pages is there to stimulate my imagination and remind me how to do it. 

That confidence helps me on sales calls because 1.) I have the knowledge and 2.) 

10x Sales Pages is always there in the background. I know I can go back and back 

up my thoughts whenever I need to. 

Each time I go back and recap, it’s like an upward spiral of confidence that keeps building.

It’s not just my confidence. Having done 10x Sales Pages also helps clients feel confident that I know what I’m doing

It’s like an extra arrow in my quiver. 

It helps show that I’m going to be able to help them and get them what they need to 

make their business thrive.”

Gin Walker,

Used: 10x Sales Pages

Imagine what would be possible if you could dazzle your coworkers with newfound clarity… 

Or surprise the CMO with your strong strategic vision during your next campaign walkthrough…

Or sign your next client simply because you beam with confidence, like Larry:

“I love 10x Emails. I got a huge boost in confidence from learning about how a campaign is structured, not just the copywriting bits.

Signed up a client pretty much directly because of how much confidence I emanate from knowing I could handle it. The sales email bootcamp excel sheet is amazing and asks the right questions for me to put the writing task into perspective.

When asked to recommend email copywriting courses, 10x Emails is an easy one to justify.”

Larry Yap,

Used: 10x Emails

And confidence is just the beginning.

Imagine the extra spring in your step you’d feel if you start seeing results like these:

“As of my cart close yesterday, I am 77% sold out for next summer. And I just earned $172,759 in 20 days. For a farmer, that’s freakin’ awesome.”

Corinna Bench,

Organic Vegetable Farmer

Used: 10x Emails, 10x Landing Pages

Podcaster Tara Gentile turned a workshop that wasn’t selling into a lucrative launch – and TRIPLED her revenue!

Tara Gentile,


Used: 10x Emails, 10x Landing Pages

“I have launched three programs in the past, this was my 4th. I sold 52 spaces, grossed £47,500.

Suzy Ashworth,

Entrepreneur, Author, Keynote Speaker

Used: 10x Launches

Use the conversion copywriting process. And

Get strategic. Methodical.

Data-driven. So you can get the “yes.”

Let us show you the conversion copywriting process that can help you write every marketing asset with unshakeable confidence.

From stabbing in the dark to confidently writing funnels that convert.

“Before I took 10X Facebook Ads, I felt like I was stabbing in the dark when it came to writing ads

With most of the other [Copyhackers] qualifications under my belt, this was the missing link, showing me how to write persuasive ads that fit perfectly into different sales funnels.

This has been great for my confidence and ability to map and write funnels that convert.”

Sally Hems,

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