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Request for Refund



7-Day Money-Back Guarantee on Courses


7-day money Back Guarantee

You should only purchase and take a Copyschool by Copyhackers course if you are prepared to do the work. With that in mind, we’re happy to offer a 7-day “questions asked” money-back guarantee on all of our courses, including 10x Emails 2.0, 10x Launches, 10x Sales Pages, 10x Facebook Ads, 10x Landing Pages 2.0, 10x Web Copy, 10x Funnels (4 in 1 and funnels 1, 2, 3 and 4 individually), Master of Guest Blogging, Master of Seasonal Sales, Master of Sales Webinars, A/B Testing, Six Figure Emails, Seven Figure Emails and any bonus courses we may introduce. If you take the training and do a reasonable amount of work to put the training to good use but you do not achieve results that improve your business, send your request for a refund as described here:

  • Email
  • Include your full name and the email address you used when registering, buying or signing up (so we can find you in our system)
  • Include a copy of your receipt or the transaction number
  • Include clear evidence of your effort in the 7-day period
  • Do so within seven (7) days of purchasing, which you will know based on the date on your receipt

We reserve the right to offer a partial refund at our own discretion. We reserve the right to refuse refunds.

In the case that you are on a payment plan and you do not fulfill the fully agreed-upon payment terms you will be removed from the course(s) and you are not eligible for a refund of the funds paid, nor do you get partial access to the material. (ex. You agreed to make 12 payments of $97/m for 10x Emails but then if you cancel or become delinquent in your payments after the third month you will lose access to the course and forfeit the $291 that you have already paid.)

Start your refund request by emailing us here



Live Events


Unless otherwise specified, any live training (including in-person or live video calls such as webinars, bootcamps, masterclasses, etc.) purchased through or will not be available for a refund. If you cannot attend a live video call a replay will be made available for you within 14 days of the event. No replay will be available for in-person events.



NOTE: If you purchased a Copyschool by Copyhackers product on a site other than or, you’ve gotta refer to their refund policy.

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