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How do you determine what your next customer, sitting quietly on the fence, needs to hear from you so they can confidently say “yes” to your solution?

Answer: Jump into Master of Message Finding. 

And grab the repeatable messaging research process to help you discover the messaging your future customers most desperately need to see to say “yes.”

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Get the training that’s trusted to uplevel careers at Fortune 500s and startups alike, including:

“Do I actually know what I’m doing?”

Let’s start with the bad news:

If you’re guessing at the messages you put in an ad or email or SMS or on a web page…

You’ll never stop asking 👆 that 👆 question.

You’ll toil away at your Macbook for hours only to step back and wonder:

Should I trash this Google Doc and start over?

Does this message have a shot at cutting through the 5000+ messages my poor customers have to endure every. single. day?

How will I present this work to the team when – let’s be honest – I feel the teensiest tiniest iota of confidence that what I wrote is actually what our future customers need to hear to shift from “maybe” to a resounding “yes please!”?

Whew. That’s a lot to take one. So here’s some good news:

Winning messages don’t live in your mind. 

Nope. Not even close.

Strong, sticky messages actually live in the heart of your customer.

Which means you can discover those messages. You can actually go out and find them. 

(Instead of trying to think up winning messages by staring out your window for seven hours.)

Enter: Master of Message Finding.

This is THE training to show you how to use simple research techniques to find what your future customers most want – and need – to hear from you. So they actually want to jump off the fence they’ve been quietly sitting on, whip out their credit card and start using your product.

This is the stuff that gets you living inside their heads. 

AND you can use all the message-finding techniques you’re about to have complete mastery over…:

Even if you don’t have a website.

Even if you have zero customers.

Even if your customers are difficult to access (like the CFO at a large enterprise).

Even if you’ve got years of experience doing the wrong thing when it comes to figuring out what to say (i.e., you’re a recovering guess-a-holic).

With Master of Message Finding in the top drawer of your copywriting toolkit, you’ll FINALLY see how to stop over- and under-thinking your message-finding research. And you’ll FINALLY stay totally focused on finding the messages that convert visitors into leads… and leads into customers.

Without guessing. And without staring hopelessly at your blank Google Doc.

From the CEO who coined the term conversion copywriting:

Joanna Wiebe is the CEO of Copyhackers – where marketers of all stripes learn how to be the most profitable person in the room.

As the original conversion copywriter, she’s driven multi-millions in revenue writing copy for the likes of Metalab, Shopify, Huel, BT, Tesco and Wistia. That’s why she’s been invited to teach conversion copy on 100+ international stages and to sales and marketing teams at Google and Amazon. 

Joanna Wiebe, the original conversion copywriter that will teach you how to write headlines

With Master of Message Finding in your back pocket, you can discover winning messages for businesses of all shapes and sizes, including:


“How long before I start seeing results?”

… and answers to other smart questions:

The easy answer is: 

Much faster than with everyone’s not-so-favorite trial and error approach.

Our students have seen huge lifts in conversion rates, signups, sales, and more after only watching a handful of videos.

That said, how quickly you see results will depend on certain business factors – things like: whether or not you’ve found product-market fit, whether or not you’ve got an engaged list and whether or not you’re working on building anticipation.

Regardless of where you are now with your message finding process, Master of Message Finding shows you exactly what steps to take to find the messages most likely to resonate with your future customers – no guessing required.

Not here. Our goal is to give you the highest possible ROI right out of the gate – ideally within hours or days.

That means, we don’t hold your lessons hostage, dripping new modules out over weeks or months.

You get FULL access to everything in Master of Message Finding the second you wrap up your enrollment on the next page. 

No waiting. No slow-drip BS.

If you don’t feel like you’re any closer to writing winning copy, simply send an email to within 7 days of joining and we’ll refund every dollar of your initial payment.

You can check out securely online using your favorite credit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay or Paypal.

You’ll get: 

  • 24 step-by-step lessons,  each averaging just 5 minutes in length (with transcripts).
  • Plenty of over-the-shoulder tutorials, so you can see what, how and WHY Joanna researches and analyzes voice of customer data the way she does. 
  • A completion badge for LinkedIn, so you can show the marketing world you know your stuff. 
  • PLUS! Worksheets and templates to help you gather and organize your research fast.

And after Master of Message Finding, you can research – and write – confidently because you:

  • Stay focused on finding the messages that convert your prospects, instead of wasting time in the “I need just a little more research” trap.
  • Ask only the questions you need answered, so you can find your winning messages fast.
  • Understand the real difference between market research and messaging research, so you don’t get stuck working on research that doesn’t matter to your messaging.
  • Research what your customers like – and dislike – about your competition, so you can gather the exact insights you need to plan, write, edit and optimize winning copy.
  • Use platforms like Amazon and Yelp to find winning messages (yes, really!).
  • Write and run surveys engineered to deliver raw voice of customer data on autopilot. So you have a bank of data to analyze when you need it most.
  • Run interviews that help you drill down on the exact job your customer is hiring your product to do, so you can write it right in your copy.
  • Know which research methods to use no matter your circumstances. Even if you’re starting from scratch with no website or no customers.

Plus you get a full 7 days to test-drive it all, risk-free.

Find winning messages fast.

In Master of Message Finding, you’ll see the repeatable research process that can help you uncover what your future customers must hear so they can say “yes” to your solution, including:
And take a full 7 days to test-drive your course, risk-free.

Become the rainmaker. The retention whisperer. The master of all metrics. With Copy School.

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