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End comments like “this isn’t our brand voice. revise. and please refer to the brand guide this time.” once and for all.

With Master of Brand Voice, you can stop leaning on intuition to “get” the brand voice. Instead, you’ll have a solid process to define – and measure! – the three critical elements of voice. (And, yup, you can apply this process to every brand you work with.)


Get the training that’s trusted to uplevel careers at Fortune 500s and startups alike, including:

Most brand guides are useless.

More specifically, most brand guides are useless for writers.

Sure, Pantone colors and HEX codes are helpful for a designer. Because the designer can take #2992ff and know with near-perfect certainty that they’re using the correct shade of azure blue.

But for writers, a handful of adjectives – like “friendly” or “playful” or “casual” – and an avatar just isn’t enough.

Because words aren’t like color codes.

Let’s take “casual” as an example:

Does that mean casual like a Saturday afternoon BBQ in Parc La Fontaine with your closest friends? Or Casual Friday at Allstate Insurance? Not all ‘casuals’ are created equal.

So the casual you choose may not be the same as the one in your client’s head. Or your boss’s head. Or the person who wrote the last landing page. Or, yup, even the brand guide.

And it’s ☝️ this ☝️ lack of specificity that makes it really freakin’ hard to get the brand voice right.

Enter: Master of Brand Voice.

Master of Brand Voice gives you a solid process to define – and measure! – the three critical elements of your brand voice. So you can explain to project stakeholders how and why you took your approach, which’ll help you reduce pushback.

AND if a reviewer pushes back on voice, you’ll know EXACTLY what to do.

Led by the very copywriter who developed this process after writing for more than 429 people and dozens of brands, for businesses of all sizes (not just the huge ones), including Amy Porterfield, Stu McLaren, Danny Iny, Bobby Klinck — plus an incredible line up of tech, SaaS and ecomm businesses.

Justin Blackman is the copywriter who goes overboard. (In the best way possible 😀.)

In 2017, he wrote 10,211 headlines for 100 brands over 100 days, just for fun. Since 2018, he’s written for more than 429 entrepreneurs and dozens of brands, using an ultra-specific voice mirroring process called Brand Ventriloquism®.

He currently runs two writing programs: The Codex Persona, which trains writers how to measure and emulate a client’s voice. And Write More Personality-er, a quick & quirky workshop that teaches people how to add punch, power, and pop to their everyday writing. All the people say he’s pretty fly for a write guy.

"I never thought voice could be broken down into a formula... but now... my first step is to go through the steps Justin outlines"

Justin Blackman’s training inside Master of Brand Voice was excellent! I never thought voice could be broken down into a formula…but now, anytime I’m writing for a new client, my first step is to go through the steps Justin outlines, which gives me a more tangible starting point (rather than just a feeling!) It saves me tons of time because I don’t have to analyze soooo many pieces of content to hone in on a client’s voice.

Ren Benedicto
Conversion Copywriter & Persuasion Strategist


“How will I actually KNOW if what I’ve written is “on voice” or not?”

… and answers to other smart questions:

The easy answer is: 

Much faster than with everyone’s not-so-favorite trial and error approach.

Our students have seen huge lifts in conversion rates, signups, sales, and more after only watching a handful of videos.

That said, how quickly you see results will depend on certain business factors – things like: whether or not you’ve found product-market fit, whether or not you’re actively marketing, how many subscribers you have, etc.

Regardless of where you are now, Master of Brand Voice shows you exactly what steps to take with your copy to define, measure and optimize your brand – or your client’s brand – in a surprisingly short timeframe.

Not here. Our goal is to give you the highest possible ROI right out of the gate – ideally within hours or days.

That means, we don’t hold your lessons hostage, dripping new modules out over weeks or months.

You get FULL access to everything in Master of Brand Voice the second you wrap up your enrollment on the next page.

No waiting. No slow-drip BS.

If you don’t feel like you’re any closer to writing winning copy, simply send an email to within 7 days of joining and we’ll refund every dollar of your initial payment.

You can check out securely online using your favorite credit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay or Paypal.

You’ll get: 

  • Instant access to 15 bite-size lessons, each averaging just 5 minutes in length (with transcripts). 
  • Dozens of over-the-shoulder tutorials, so you can see what, how and WHY Justin measures and designs brand voices the way he does. 
  • PLUS! One simple brand voice chart to help you plot voice types (even if you’re brand new to brand copywriting).

And after Master of Brand Voice, you’ll KNOW if what you’ve written is “on voice” or not because you:

  • Know why brand voice should complement good writing (and not the other way around)
  • Understand the 3 parts of voice you need to know before you can properly track and measure voice
  • Use 3 (free!) tools to help you measure every brand voice you write
  • Know the 9 universal voice types you can use to pinpoint any brand
  • Plot every brand voice you write on a simple graph (included!)
  • Know how to choose a brand voice when your boss or team or client asks you to create one
  • Understand how to identify a brand voice when there is a brand voice… but no specific documentation to guide your writing
  • Know when it’s OK to crank up the voice volume (and when you should definitely let brand voice take a backseat)
  • Use the “cleaver” brand copywriting approach to spice up your brand voice

Plus you get a full 7 days to test-drive it all, risk-free.

See how to design a voice you AND your CMO love. Then, measure that voice. So you actually KNOW if what you’ve written is “on voice” or not.

With Master of Brand Voice, you get the proven brand voice process that can help you track, measure and improve brand voice, including:
And take a full 7 days to test-drive your course, risk-free.