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The second-most visited page on your website is your About page. If that scares you, you need Master of About Pages.

The greatest trick the About page ever pulled was convincing the copywriter it wasn’t important.

Seriously. About pages are among the most-visited web pages on a website. 

Which means it would be foolish of a company to leave their About page unoptimized. Still, most companies don’t. Which is great news for you IF you know how to turn your About page into your company’s competitive advantage 🙂

Enter: Master of About Pages.

See how to write About page copy, step by step, so you can engineer your About page to grab your one reader’s attention. And build the trust that turns ‘em into a buyer.

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“I don’t know what to write about our business.”

- Every person ever, tasked with writing an About page

Scenario: “Write About page” gets added to your Asana. Deadline: Friday of this week.

What should you do next?

Many copywriters, marketers and founders might find themselves in a “cool cool cool… ummmm… I don’t know what to write” tailspin.

Maybe you start with a Google search… and pull up articles like “25 Best About Us & About Me Page Examples + 5 Templates” and “How to Write a Killer “About Us” Page”… but nothing that truly walks you through the process of writing your About page, step-by-step.

Or you might look at your competitors’ About pages… only to see the same old “by the numbers” and BO-RING value statements that – don’t get us wrong! – are important for your team to know. But mean practically nothing to a prospect who’s sitting quietly on the fence, waiting to see something – anything! – that’ll help them jump off the fence and run towards the right decision.

Or perhaps you’re writing for a brand-spankin’-new startup and the founder you’re writing for has an impressive career that relates directly to their offer…  but listing out ALLLLLLL those accomplishments sounds just a wee bit brag-tastic.

Writing an About page shouldn’t be ^^ this ^^ smorgasbord of guesswork. Because:

About pages are often one of the most-visited pages on a website. Which means the lowly, unassuming About page is likely to be a page your future customer visits on their path to purchase. So it would be foolish of a company not to optimize their About page.

Still, most companies don’t optimize their About page. Which is great news for you 🙂


In a crowded market — where few products and services are truly unique — your About page is the perfect place to differentiate yourself, your team or your company from the competition. So you can grab your reader’s attention. And build the trust that turns them into a buyer. 

With Master of About Pages, you’ll get an easy-to-follow About page workbook with a step-by-step process. So you can get out of your own way. And finally write an About page that helps you turn readers into leads (and leads into buyers).

From the founder of Rocket Fuel Strategy:

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