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“We need to convert more traffic into users NOW. There’s no extra ad budget. The company is considering layoffs.”

^^ Your marching orders from the team lead.

Did someone just turn the thermostat to Death Valley-level temps??? 

Your job quite literally depends on your ability to engineer conversions… what should you do next?

If you guessed: 

… rewrite your homepage hero. 

You’d guess wrong.

… revamp your vs. competitor PPC landing pages.

Wrong again.

… curl up in fetal, praying to your company’s Stripe account, Google Ads manager and everything else that’s good and pixely that your website suddenly – miraculously – starts converting.

Still wrong.

Here’s a hint:

Start with your pricing page.

Yes, really. That seemingly innocent “Pricing” that sits in your global nav and only ever gets brushed up when Product decides to change tier features.

Which is a shame, because:

Your pricing page is just one – maaaaaybe two – clicks away from the moment your prospect becomes an actual user of your software or app… 

And the prospects that click “Pricing” in your global nav or Google “[Your software’s name] pricing” are typically the high-intent-and-almost-ready-to-say-yes traffic you can start converting now… 

IF you know how to implement “quick win” pricing page optimizations that can make your pricing page THE path to non-stop *pings* in the Slack #new-user channel.