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Coach subscribers to convert with what you find in 10x Launches, the classic training program by Ry Schwartz that’s behind some of the biggest launches in digital marketing history.

What new career-defining doors would open if you could confidently click “Send” on your launch emails… without wondering “am I actually doing this whole launch thing right?”

With 10x Launches, you’ll see how to craft launch copy that connects deeply with your prospect. So you can feel confident that your copy will coach them to become your perfect buyer.

Dramatic confidence improvement or your money back.

$97 / month for 12 months

$997 one-time payment

Get the training that’s trusted to uplevel careers at Fortune 500s and startups alike, including:

You: “Fingers crossed that this is THE launch where we hit six figures.”

10x Launches: “Let’s make it seven.”

Early mornings, as dawn peeks over the horizon…

Late evenings, long after the sun has set…

And weekends spent longingly looking out the window at the world passing by you outside…

Spending countless hours tweaking this word and that phrase to get these launch emails just right.

They need to be just right. But you catch yourself second-guessing yourself at every turn… 

When should you start sending the pre-launch emails?

Is this opening hook as strong as it should be?

Will this subject line actually stand out in an inbox?

How can I do this whole launch thing right, without layering on scuzzy sales tactics that just feel wrong?

And the worst part is:

You don’t truly know if your launch emails have what they need to get prospects to excitedly punch in their credit card details.

“Do I actually know what I’m doing?”

If you’re guessing at the copy you write, you’ll never stop asking yourself that question.

You’ll halfheartedly defend yourself, unsure whether your work is even worth defending.

You’ll always get awkward and insecure when someone challenges your work.

And you’ll work hours on a launch and wonder if you should burn the whole thing to the ground and start again.

But imagine what would be possible for you – and your career – if you could tackle every email launch plan with confidence?


Without the hard sell that leaves your skin crawling.

Without throwing urgency, scarcity and a big ol’ spoonful of guilt at your prospect.

And without feeling like an overworked door-to-door sales rep.

With 10x Launches, you’ll see how to plan and write launch emails that zero in on delivering the right message, at the right moment in your purchaser’s journey so you can coach the conversion.

Get the launch email templates, tools, frameworks, formulas, processes and repeatable techniques used to launch six- and seven-figure products for the likes of Amy Porterfield and Todd Herman. 

And ditch the guesswork for good.

From the creator of the “coaching the conversion” method:

Ry Schwartz has been the not-so-secret hired gun behind dozens of 6- and 7-figure product launches and evergreen funnels.

He’s written for and/or consulted with top online entrepreneurs and trainers like Amy Porterfield, Todd Herman, London Real, Josh Shipp and Dan Martell. And he’s done it all without writing a single line of “copy.”

Instead, he developed the Coaching The Conversion Method™. This faster, more natural and intuitive framework for crafting launch and funnel copy (that connects deeply with your prospects and “coaches” them into becoming the perfect buyer) is exactly what you’ll get access to when you make 10x Launches part of your copywriting stack. 

“I just earned $172,759 in 20 days. For a farmer, that’s freakin’ awesome.”

“Thank you Joanna Wiebe and Ry for your practical, step-by-step tutoring that helped me understand the many elements that go into motivating people to respond to my brand, how to study my audience, and ultimately “coach a conversion.” 

This course has already exceeded my wildest dreams. And more importantly, it solved the “will-we-make-enough-money”-angst” that we farmers carry with us all winter long. My farmer husband was skeptical about a program that resulted in “sending too many emails,” but after showing him the results, he about fell off his tractor. (I even got several emails from customers saying “I love getting your emails!”)

I admit I hesitated to spend the big bucks on your copywriting course. I can now say these three words: WORTH EVERY PENNY. It is probably the MOST valuable skill set I have ever learned as a business owner. And I just earned $172,759 in 20 days. For a farmer, that’s freakin’ awesome.”

Corinna Bench
Organic Veggie Farmer

“The theme-plates in 10x Launches literally 10x’d my Launch.”

“I sold 52 spaces, grossed £47,500. I loved the format videos, they were really easy for me to tweak to fit my needs but mostly I LOVED the idea of coaching the client through the process. That is my job so it made it all really easy to apply.”

Suzy Ashworth Coach & Author

With 10x Launches in your back pocket, you can crush every launch project that lands in your inbox, including:


“How long before I start seeing results?”

… and answers to other smart questions:

The easy answer is:

Much faster than with everyone’s not-so-favorite trial and error approach.

Our students have seen huge lifts in conversion rates, signups, sales, and more after only watching a handful of videos.

That said, how quickly you see results will depend on certain business factors – things like: whether or not you’ve found product-market fit, whether or not you’re actively marketing, how many subscribers you have, etc.

For example, a software company actively driving high-quality traffic to their sales page could see results shortly after publishing their new sales page.

On the other hand, a brand-new service provider with less than 1000 website visitors per month may need a few months to see results from a new sales page.

Regardless of where you are now, 10x Launches shows you exactly what steps to take with your copy to get to that next growth stage in your business – in a surprisingly short timeframe.

Not here. Our goal is to give you the highest possible ROI right out of the gate – ideally within hours or days.

That means, we don’t hold your lessons hostage, dripping new modules out over weeks or months.

You get FULL access to everything in 10x Launches the second you wrap up your enrollment on the next page.

No waiting. No slow-drip BS.

If you don’t feel like you’re any closer to writing winning copy, simply send an email to within 7 days of joining and we’ll refund every dollar of your initial payment.

You can check out securely online using your favorite credit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay or Paypal.

You’ll get: 

  • Instant access to 7 modules that walk you through researching, planning, writing and editing your launch copy. You get a total of 73 HD training videos, each averaging 5 minutes in length (with transcripts). 
  • Dozens of over-the-shoulder tutorials, so you can see what, how and WHY Ry writes launch email copy the way he does. 
  • 20+ launch email templates (also known as theme-plates), so you can draft fast.
  • PLUS! Plenty of workbooks and worksheets to make researching and planning your launch emails easy.
  • BONUS! Minimum Viable Launch 2.0 training to help you engineer a lean launch lickety split.

And after 10x Launches, you can confidently click “Send” on your launch copy because you:

  • Lean on the launch email theme-plates – custom-designed formulas specifically crafted to help you create irresistible sales messages rooted in psychology and brought to life by your research – to confidently create email copy in a fraction of the time.
  • Use the “Coaching the Conversion” methodology to quickly craft custom launch strategies that fill bank accounts (without making you feel like a worn out door-to-door sales rep).
  • Tackle any launch plan with confidence – whether it’s a product launch, an evergreen launch or the launch for the course you’ve been lovingly building for the last three years – thanks to the tested, proven system in your back pocket.
  • Use the 47 golden questions to delve deep into who your ideal prospect is and help them become the perfect buyer without resorting to cheap tactics.
  • Wield email segmentation like a pro and earn an enthusiastic buy-in from your prospect from the first email.
  • Confidently recommend the launch email sequences your team – or your client – needs, in the correct order (all while knowing that you can execute on the copy too → even if you’ve never tackled a launch before). 
  • Use the principle of “Minimum Viable Commitment” to guide your prospect through a series of micro-conversions, so that saying yes to you feels like the natural next step. 
  • Craft copy that reaches deep into the hidden places that store your reader’s hopes and fears and empowers them to act → the kind of copy that’s behind all the biggest 6 and 7-figure launches you follow.
  • Use open loops, consistency loops, the moment of highest tension and the moment of highest pleasure to create emails that prod your reader out of inertia and inspire action. 
  • Deploy ethical “closing” maneuvers during the last 48 hours of the launch to close those sales while keeping your sales copy 100% ick-free. 

All with a full 7 days to test-drive it all, risk-free.

Craft exceptional launch experiences that can actually bring in sales.

In 10x Launches, you get the launch email templates, training and techniques you need to write high-converting launch copy, including:

$97 / Month for 12 months

One-time payment of $997

And take a full 7 days to test-drive your course, risk-free.

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